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How to compost

Though all of our products are compostable, they may be difficult to compost in your backyard compost bin, pile, or tumbler. Due to total size, the backyard composting process often has difficulty reaching the temperature required to successfully facilitate decomposition of many manufactured compostable goods. 

The best resource for you will be a local composting service. In the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia region, our very own Key City Compost is an affordable service with both curbside (at home) collection as well as a number of public drop off locations where you can properly dispose of compostable items.

If you are located outside of our region, you're still in good hands! We can help connect you to a collection or disposal partner. 

When you order in our store, our team will send a you a private message with some tips and potential partners based on your shipping address.

We are in the process of building an interactive map of composters all over the country. Look back here for updates. Until then, the following links will give you a great place to start.

Litter Less - Where To Compost:
BPI, BioCycle, & "Find A Composter":