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At Key Compostables, we believe the food service sector is primed for a new era of sustainability. Thanks to the recent surge of Compost Collection and Processing companies over the past decade, most regions can now be sure that their restaurants and food-service operations can finally go full circle with their sustainability endeavors. 

What do we mean by full circle? We want compostable products to be made back into compost. A cup or piece of cutlery made from plant materials such as corn should not just be tossed to the landfill. What a waste! Literally! We should have goals to get these products to facilities that can compost them back into a rich soil material - used to grow more delicious food for our cherished restaurants.

For more information on waste, composting, and sustainable food service, check out the collection of resources below.

  • Key City Compost - Our very own composting service. Based our of Frederick Maryland, serving the greater D.C. and Baltimore Region.
  • ReFED.Org - a project to identify comprehensive food waste recycling solutions for businesses of all sizes in the United States.
  • Find A Composter - A resource to help restaurants, food manufacturers, and even homeowners to find a food-waste collection (composting) service in their region.
  • EPA's Food Waste Research - A collection of resources, metrics, and studies by the U.S. EPA.