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Custom Printed

Many of the manufacturers we partner with offer Custom Printing. The first step in custom printing is to understand some of the terminology specific to the custom print process.
  • Lead Time: Estimated time between the date proof is approved, and the delivery date of custom printed inventory. 
  • MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity
  • Proof: Artwork files, in a complete and compliant format for manufacturer to input into printing process.
  • Approved Proof: Artwork files, reviewed and approved by both customer and manufacturer.
  • Plate Fee: One-time fee for setting up the printing process of a particular item and it's design.

Important concepts to understand when ordering a custom-printed item:

  • MOQ number must be met in order to get access to custom printing. This is set by manufacturer, not Key Compostables. 
  • Be sure to plan on storage of custom printed items. If you do not have ample storage for the full order, Key Compostables can help you by renting warehouse space for you to store this inventory at a low monthly fee.
  • Custom printing is usually inexpensive on a per-item basis and sometimes even cheaper than your standard pricing due to the order quantity (MOQ). Unfortunately the cost comes from having to pay for the entire supply up-front.

Please use the following resources from our partnering manufacturers to get an introduction to the options available. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will get you taken care of.


 Vegware Custom Print Info

Eco-Products Custom Print